November 21, 2015 admin

Media Engineering: “Just in Time” Marketing

Is the consumer smarter and more sophisticated than your Media and Creative plans and strategies? Surgeons have become leads in using technology, mechanics are now geeks not grease monkeys, and pilots can program computers to route and land them across the globe. But what about your Creative and Media teams? Are they engineering your media, or relying on practices and models that are outdated for marketing in 2014?

Media Engineering is the easiest way to describe the revolution that should have taken place in your Creative and Media planning. The only viable solution for “marketing survival” is to begin examining the way the consumer is actually consuming and engaging with media. Media Engineering happens when creative, media, and social integrate technology into a marketing mashup. The result? A “consumer plan,” formerly known as the “creative and media plan.”

Connection is engineered if you’re truly looking at a 360, or as we call it a 3D, view. This 3D view means integrating emerging mobile tactics, such as geo-fencing, Passbook/Google Wallet, location alerts, and the emerging iBeacon technology. With these tactics, you can follow consumers through the funnel, including near the door, into the door, down the aisle, and right to the cash register to facilitate on-going connections.

Media Planners become geeks, and Creatives become scientists. You can now review your reporting in real time based on a variety of sources and consumer actions, rather than solely on which creative and sites can be optimized. Learnings from social groups can be integrated into sophisticated campaign targeting, and look-alike modeling insights can provide deep dive insights for social and search. This cross-pollination across the creative and media process is key to thriving into today’s media landscape.

Time, place and opportunity must become engineered into creative and media. When you start thinking this way by engineering your creative and media, especially in the case of mobile and tablet, you will realize that the consumer is actually leading marketers’ ability to deliver seamless, logical experiences.

When you think of the consumer in terms of their experiences, the click path, and “time, place and opportunity,” your media and creative teams are creating solutions rather than simply buying them. Just in the past 6 months, our media team has begun viewing media strategy and buying as a science. This thought process has inspired our team to:

  • Partner with and work on a new product in beta with Google
  • Partner with Pandora to integrate a direct response “Tap to” unit into CPG campaigns
  • Work with a tech company in order integrate Passbook/Google Wallets
  • Explore iBeacon integration
  • Integrate trade sector strategies into our marketing plans

Sequential messaging isn’t just for targeting, but critical for re-targeting as well. In-depth consumer group understanding and sophisticated look-alike modeling is now possible through mining your e-mails and partnering with vendors like Facebook. You can target individuals as they near a purchase opportunity, and in fact remind them with location alerts if they have downloaded an offer or coupon to create trial and purchase.

It is not a matter of if, but rather when you will need to start engineering your media. “Old school” media planning is often extremely effective at “hiding” tactics and strategies that aren’t adding anything other than cost to your plan. Now, the most critical element to your plan is engineering a user experience that is both logical and seamless.

You must integrate technology into your process, not only for it’s ability to gain intelligence and provide more targeted, logical and sequential communication; technology is also a boon for reporting and analysis, as CMOs are increasingly requesting reporting in real time. This way of thinking prevents your strategy from falling into a commoditized, siloed rut.

Instead, you can provide a logical and seamless experience for your consumer, and generate true ROI, by placing the consumer at the forefront of your “consumer plan.” Enter Media Engineering, and your marketing gets smarter, and more customized. Suddenly you are moving from “the potential” of reaching masses, to the art of truly communicating with individuals and specific groups in order to create true ROI.