February 18, 2016 26dottwo

Why Linear Marketing Doesn’t Work for the Non-Linear Consumer

By Chris Beck

While buzzwords like “engagement,” “brand resonance,” “authenticity,” “aggregation,” and ”the mobile consumer” look and sound great, when it comes down to actually doing it, the majority of consumer communication is created in linear silos and in many cases lacking a synergistic consumer strategy.


Consumers are anything but linear in their media consumption. If your media and creative strategies aren’t synergistic, you’re wasting impressions, budget and potential impact. The goal when building a non-linear media plan that does create engagement is a synergistic approach between creative (content) and media with a clear vision of a consumer path that capitalizes on time, place, and opportunity. We refer to these moments or opportunities as “Impact Impressions” (iImps ) versus “Raw Impressions.” Impact Impressions are strategically engineered to create impact.

If you strive to create engagement, resonance and impact, then the messaging needs to be relevant in that media consumption moment and ideally to that Persona. To do this, creative and media must align synergistically in a campaign that is device agnostic to truly engage consumers, thus creating more understanding and interest to help move them through the funnel more rapidly and maximize media and creative investments.

But how do you sync media and creative throughout the planning process besides the alignment of media and content through the engineering process?

  • Consider using backwards planning: start at the desired end result, and work backwards along the consumer path.
  • Look at the tactics from the mid funnel to end up and you’ll have a completely different and more impactful campaign.
  • Think about different personas and their journeys. Consider when, how and with what customized messaging is the best way to move each persona group further down the funnel.

Backwards planning generates Impact Impressions versus Raw Impressions, thus reaching the right person at the right time and place with the right message for your brand.

Chris Beck is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of 26 Dot Two. A popular speaker and partner strategist for brands. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cbeck