March 9, 2016 26dottwo

The Power of Impact Impressions Versus Impressions


By Chris Beck

While viewability, ad blockers, bots, and programmatic delivery are all hot topics for marketers, you can radically pivot your approach and generate more impact by focusing on Impact Impressions (iImps) versus Raw Impressions. Focusing on iImps dramatically increases the impact of your campaigns while dramatically reducing waste.

While it should be common knowledge that Impressions comprise of Reach multiplied by Frequency, this is generally lost in the commoditized equation of planning and reporting. Rather, the focus is too heavily placed upon Total Impressions versus how the Reach and Frequency generate real impact with the consumer. All impressions are not created equally, and as such should have different weight and measurements applied to them.

Programmatic Impressions that are served without concern for Frequency (much less Cross Device Frequency) across an unvetted network (which may include blogs that have not been updated for years,) that serve multiple impressions on a single page or during a single site visit may mean very little in ultimate impact and a high percentage of waste.

A $2MM national campaign that scales a 1.2 Frequency (not counting Viewability) will struggle with any measure of real impact. However, if you build your strategy with a careful eye on a framework of effective Frequency, including daily, weekly, and campaign capping, along with a negative targeting pool, you can generate far greater real impact with the same budget. By capping Frequency, you serve your sequential messaging to more successfully follow and drive the consumer down the path of discovery, awareness, interest and action.

Impressions are not created equal. When you disrupt your standard approach, and consider benchmarking impression value, you will end up with a greater, more effective plan.


Indexing Impression Effective values

  • Raw Impression / stand alone siloed impression: -0.65
  • Impression that can be measured and scaled across device sequentially:  +1.25
  • Impression that can create a dynamic customized experience tin which engagement can be remarketed: +1.5
  • Retargeted impression with customized sequential messaging: +1.75


Chris Beck is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of 26 Dot Two.  A popular speaker and partner strategist for brands.