Declutter the clutter of Big Screen

  • Reduce your programmatic waste
  • Increase meaningful reach & frequency within and across platforms
  • Get visibility of performance and attribution
  • Benefit from our direct partner relationships

There is a lot of “Fine Print” and “code” in what you may be seeing with “premium inventory,” “wide variety of networks,” “Blended CPM’s.”

We can help you strategically and surgically cut through the consumer fragmentation and vendor clutter and claims with CTV/OTT/Streaming depending on your campaign goals.

If you are looking for increasing brand awareness that is a very different tactical strategy than “driving lead generation.”

26dottwo has an extensive network of direct publisher relationships, and we always keep a  strategic eye on maximizing targeted reach and generating effective frequency levels within and across platforms.

We have extensive experience across platforms


  • Live sports
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Promotional integrations
  • Negotiation


  • Interconnects
  • High Indexing Networks
  • Live sports
  • Negotiation and added value


    • Hulu
    • Disney
    • Paramount+
    • Peacock
    • Discovery+
    • HBO Max
    • YouTube TV
    • Netflix (Microsoft)

      TV Reporting & Attribution

      TV viewing has changed and so has the way we measure TV.

      Our team measures how people watch TV across broadcast, linear and streaming platforms. We deliver real-time insights including unique reach, frequency, website visits, conversion actions combined with impressions.

      With this data we are able to pivot in real-time and not make any assumptions on what is performing well for “TV.” Not only do we look at website visits, but the quality of those visits within each data group and publisher.

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