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    Media Engineering: “Just in Time” Marketing

    Is the consumer smarter and more sophisticated than your Media and Creative plans and strategies? Surgeons have become leads in using technology, mechanics are now geeks not grease monkeys, and pilots can program computers to route and land them across the globe. But what about your Creative and Media teams? Are they engineering your media,

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    Are You Tracking Media’s Pivot Points?

    How is your organization dealing with the significant pivots in media consumption? Pivot points in media should be on every marketer’s radar due to the rapid pace and impact of consumers’ adoption of new technology. Understanding and anticipating media pivot points are critical to a company’s survival, and is key to developing a plan that

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    Length Does Matter…and Shorter is Better (and 5 Other Tactics to Embrace in 2014)

    When it comes to your media strategy, it’s not what IS happening, but rather what HAS happened and HOW fast it happens. A contemporary example is the look, feel, and format of short time video. Vine’s six-second videos debuted this January, followed by Instagram’s fifteen-second videos in June. The rapid pace of evolution is the challenge faced

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5 Generations of Digital

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